New Japanese-Polish Joint Project on:
Mathematical Modellings and Analyses
for Free Boundary Problems


June 9 (Sat.)  
13:20--13:30 Opening
13:30--14:10 Ryota Nakayashiki (Chiba University)
Mathematical analysis for quasilinear Kobayashi--Warren--Carter system including dynamic boundary condition
14:30--15:10 Makoto Okumura (Osaka University)
Error estimate for a structure-preserving scheme for a conservative non-local Allen-Cahn equation
15:30--16:10 Yoshiho Akagawa (Kanazawa University)
Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation for the motion of a liquid attached on ceiling
16:30--17:10 Yusuke Murase (Meijo University)
Existence of weak solutions for brewing model of Japanese Sake in first brewing stage
June 10 (Sun.)  
10:00--10:40 Risei Kano (Kochi University)
On the plasticity model with non-linear hardening
11:00--11:40 Hiroshi Watanabe (Oita University)
Well-posedness for nonlocal systems of parabolic-hyperbolic conservation laws
11:40--13:30 Lunch
13:30--14:10 Kota Kumazaki (Nagasaki University)
A moving boundary problem describing swelling along a halfline
14:30--15:30 Marek Niezgodka (ICM University of Warsaw)
Mathematically challenging problems in modelling structure formation over complex geometries and topologies
15:30--15:40 Closing

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